Ready to stop screwing around on Facebook and create real momentum in your business?

 The distractions end and the momentum begins on Tuesday, March 18th.

The goal is simple (but it won’t be easy): we give you one mission to complete in your inbox every day for 21 days. By the time we’re done, you might not even recognize your business.

Each mission will challenge you, make you uncomfortable and squirm in your chair. Every day you’ll level up a little bit more until by the end, you’ll be operating like a true pro in your business.

The missions are simple, high impact actions that are based on things we’ve found to be incredibly potent in our own businesses.

The challenge is free, so we encourage you to bring a friend along. Why? The bigger the group you’re doing the challenge with, the more you’ll be held accountable and likely to succeed.

So after you sign up, make sure you find a buddy or two to join in on the uncomfortable (and fun!) progress you’ll be making.

What you’ll get out of doing the Momentum Challenge:

  • Become clearer than ever on your mission in your business and what actions generate revenue and results.
  • Be able to take the momentum you’ve created to stay productive and operate like a pro.
  • Be equipped to bring your deepest mission confidently to the world.
  • Get a special bonus at the end if you decide to join Playbook, our flagship solution for getting long-term momentum in your business.

Challenge examples (for those of you that despise the unknown):

  • Making pitches to big, scary people that can massively grow your business.
  • Writing out new beliefs to fully commit to the badass you know you really are.
  • Killing projects that don’t serve you and letting go of energy drains.
  • Spoil yourself rotten (yep, we’re in this to have a good time too!).
  • And a whole lot more awesomeness.

Ready to take your purpose and freedom to the next level?

This journey is not for the faint of heart. It will require that you show up fully every day.

If you’re finally ready to start operating like a pro, then we’ll see you on the path. We have a hunch that you and your business will look a lot different at the end.


Join the Challenge (It’s Free)

To your monumental momentous masterpiece (how’s that for a momentum mantra?),

—Jonathan and Dustin

Jonathan and DustinPS: We’ll be sharing successes from members and cheering you along as you complete each mission. Follow us on Twitter blow and use the hash #momentumchallenge when you take part in the journey.

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